About Sticker Care

At SmileSensors we know that quality matters and we have extensively researched and tested our sticker material to ensure each sticker is:

  • Breathable
  • Skin friendly
  • Water resistant
  • Non-fray
  • Free from latex
  • Easy to remove

How to apply your sticker

Ensure the skin and device are clean and dry.

Carefully remove the backing from the sticker, try not to touch the sticky side whilst doing this, and gently place it over your device, carefully smoothing out towards the edges.

Make sure all edges of the sticker are flat against the skin. This will ensure the tape adheres to the skin properly for optimum lasting results.Avoid contact with water for 2 hours after application of your sticker. This is to allow the sticker adhesive to fully bond to the skin. Please note that any edges lifted on application will shorten the wear time of the sticker. This is due to the lifted edge allowing water to leak under the sticker and weaken the adhesive.

Therefore, it is crucial to carefully apply your sticker, avoiding any lifted edges. If lifted edges occur on application, please use a medical adhesive glue to stick the lifted edge back down flat. We recommend Skin Tac™.

How to remove your sticker

We recommend using a medical adhesive remover, such as Lift Adhesive Remover. This is to prevent any damage to delicate skin. It is also possible to use baby oil and even olive oil, but the removal of the sticker will take longer. It is important to remove the sticker slowly and carefully to maintain healthy skin.